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Mobile design & development, QR codes, Mobile Marketing, Cross-support mobile apps, Bluetooth/RFID/NFC, Location based marketing, SMS/MMS campaigns



Reach your Goal

Tools and services for Online Video Creation, Management and Delivery. We provide consultancy, production and video platform.


We bring the right message to the right audience through the right channels!


Freezbee is a human sized company yet close to their customers. 

We offer an unique combination of services focusing on the individual needs of our clients, we deliver a complete communications cycle, consisting of the design, implementation and evaluation of communication tools, services and strategies. Our systematic and thorough approach is always based on our clients’ short and long term objectives. Along with our drive for results, this allows us to deliver concrete yet innovative ideas, methods and strategies.

We help our clients create a message that will resonate with opinion formers and traditional ‘multipliers’ such as the media and think tanks. Likewise, by applying advanced communication tools to our client’s message, we maximize its impact and ensure we achieve a wide scope and depth.


  • Freezbee was first a family communications company based in Brussels and founded in 1993. For about 20 years, Freezbee has followed the evolution of the communication & marketing  :  our core business was at first print, visual identity creation and event.

  • Through time, Freezbee has extended his skills; we now extend our fields of competence to web, rich Multimedia, social networks, web video and mobile. We provide above this a complete range of services including strategic intelligence & consultancy.


We build strong relationships for brands on every level, developing creative integrated marketing campaigns across all communication channels.

Product and service development is a key ingredient of what we do as a global communications agency. 

By harnessing data, automation and devices we are changing our industry, thereby delivering more immediate, relevant and measurable services.


Identity : Freezbee, a human-sized company.

  • We provide a personalized approach to our customers by being innovative and proactive.
  • We make our stand on long-term relationships, develop a link based on trust and we stay tuned with our customers.
  • Our team of experts can get under the skin of your organization to understand your brand’s offering and what makes it unique.

Why trust us? 

  • A brand with consistency means a brand which sells more
  • Part of a multinational company: X-MED Group
  • We are based in United Kingdom, Belgium and United Arab Emirates

Our target: 

  • Provide a maximum efficiency and a truly integrated approach to our customers’ needs.



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